Our Services



ICCC provides a platform for buyers and sellers to connect. We want to help solve the most common problem faced in the international trade market; building trust. Our reliable staff works to identify and evaluate suppliers before adding them to our portfolio. We only partner with suppliers who meet our rigorous standards.

We like to see that our clients are:

  • Experienced working with international clients (mainly China, India, Europe and US)

  • Currently Import-Export Licensed and have the capability of handling large shipments.

  • Able to work with internationally recognized third party Inspection companies. 

  • In possession of robust facilities and working environments.

We commit to protect our suppliers, giving them peace of mind while working with international buyers. ICCC is dedicated to due diligence using sound practices to verify buyers and suppliers. Our thorough processes protect both parties from scams and faulty business practices. We aim to protect the buyers’ investment while helping suppliers safely grow their business.

If you’re considering a merger or acquisition then we are the team for you. Our dynamic global team will use every available resource to offer you the greatest value. Our focused group of professionals has the know-how and tools to ensure a seamless process. We ensure our ability to manage risk, execute thorough due diligence, and meet all of your objectives.

Mergers & Acquisitions



We provide cutting edge insight into the ever-changing business market using the most current proprietary evaluation tools available. Our reliable service will give your business the advantage to stay ahead in any industry.

Our market analysis tools are specifically designed to develop information related to:

  • Brand presence evaluation

  • Retail auditing

  • E-commerce monitoring

  • Market Readiness