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Shanbo ZHANG

General Partner

Pacific NW (Portland & Seattle), U.S.A

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Shanbo is an angel investor facilitating the early-stage investment in China and the U.S.  His enthusiasm and hard work have gained him a quality global network that aligns him with influential individuals and local governments in international businesses and relations across China, Kenya, Laos, S.A, and the U.S.

Shanbo has helped over 30 startups on fundraising and business development and facilitated regional infrastructure projects in many countries. Shanbo values the importance of the public sector, both government and non-profit. Currently, he is serving in leadership roles for two non-profit organizations. He is the Vice-Chair of The Community Affairs Committee of Oregon China Council. He also serves as the Vice President on the foreign affairs board for local businesses in Oregon. Shanbo passionately supports education, infrastructure development, and social entrepreneurship for rural regions in developing countries. 

specialized areas

Angel/Early-stage Investment

- Practitioner of the Effectuation Theory

- Investment Due Diligence

- Fundraising

Business Development

- Market penetration (ASEAN Region & CHINA)

- Government relations & PR

- Market research


Willamette University

Atkinson Graduate School of Management

MBA, 2018


Indiana University Bloomington

B.S in Economics, 2015

B.A in Eastern Asian History, 2015

Leadership involvement

Oregon China Council

Vice-chair of the Community Affairs Committee

Water and Education Care International

Vice President

E8 Angels