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William SNYDER

General Partner

Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A

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William came to ICCC as a former leader in the public sector. His knowledge is vast in many relevant aspects. A cornerstone of his success in management was based on highly developed communication skills. Specifically, William refers to himself as a great listener as he believes listening is the greatest key to being a good communicator. Over the years he has found that providing the highest quality service to our clients is his most important goal. Earning his MBA has given him a unique perspective on his fiscal viewpoints from the worlds of both government and business.

As a consultant, he has provided invaluable service to clients by providing company valuations, advising on mergers and acquisitions, and establishing much needed business operational policies and procedures. William has a passion for fostering new relationships in business, both domestic and foreign.

specialized areas

Public Relations

- Key Spokesperson
- Media Contact (U.S.A)



- Internal and External Strategist
- Communication Consultant

- Crisis Management Strategist

- Government Relations (U.S.A)


Pacific University

MBA, 2017


Southern Oregon University

B.S in Psychology, 1993


Hood to Coast

Safety Coordinator


Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development

Former Chairman of the Board