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Business Development

Portland, Oregon, U.S.A

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Dana creates quality networks to bring products to the market. Her strategic thinking and passion for solving problems have provided solutions to various sectors including, telecommunication, education, and non-profit organizations.  ICCC values Dana for her talents and skills for building bridges multi-culturally, marketing and branding strategies, and utilizing networks to create mutually beneficial partnerships. Her early love for international business was born while working in her father’s exporting company, Mark IV International while attending school at Portland State University.  As an enthusiastic international traveler, Dana has found her ability to connect and create multi-cultural business relationships. 

specialized areas

International Relations

Cross-cultural development

Build strategic relationships



Discern viability of business relationship

Establish and build trust around unified vision


Market Research & Analysis

Process and product quality assurance

Ascertain potential sustainability


Portland State University

Business Degree