Strategic Partners


Wissee is an AI-powered knowledge platform creating reliable and accessible data analytics for investors and innovators. By using the advanced machine learning, natural language processing, and knowledge graph techniques, Wissee enables data-driven investment decisions by extracting structured knowledge from alternative data (social media, news, google trend, blogs, websites, patents, hiring activities, etc.). Grounded in our proprietary AI algorithms, Wissee helps investors and innovators maximize investment value, unearth winning insights and market moving signals, and stay ahead of the ever-evolving market changes.Wissee is a force to extend human intelligence to see new opportunities and create more valuable insights. At Wissee, we see around the corners.

CHINA Bohai Commodity Exchange


BOCE Global is a cross-border industrial e-commerce platform for import commodities under the management of Tianjin Bohai Commodity Exchange Co., Ltd. By helping overseas enterprises develop Chinese market, it fulfills the interaction and synergy of commodity, service, and information. We intend to create an “online system of cross-border settlement” and “multiple trading modes”, which optimizes cross-border P2C (Producer to Customer) trade, provides cross-border process visualization management, as well as secure, convenient, efficient cross-border settlement services. 



AIRES  is a Spanish consultancy that offers its clients activities in the construction sector, public and private works, urban planning, engineering and Real Estate, as well as in the location and development of large construction projects, Worldwide.