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ICCC, Inc. is a world-class early-stage private equity investment/fundraising platform. Align with our values of integrity, responsibility, efficiency, and loyalty. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of professional consulting services to individual angel investors, angel investment funds, venture capital funds, local government incentive funds/grants, and advanced technology startups in service areas of early-stage investment, fundraising, and foreign market development.

Core Concept: Effecutation Theory

Investors and project developers have a mutually reinforcing relationship. Investor’s involvement is an essential asset for growing a successful project/investment opportunity. ICCC is dedicated to collaborating with investors and our global consulting network on strategizing effective business development plans and providing necessities to the early-stage company. One of our greatest values is to navigate investment relations to gain a higher synergy return. 


Effecutual Entrepreneurship

During the early-stage, the effectual entrepreneurship encourages entrepreneurs to convert uncertainties into opportunities. Entrepreneurs and his/her team should emphasize on identifying a variety of potential market opportunities, maintaining interactive relations with external resources, and establishing strategic partnerships to improve business model. In contrast to the traditional “startup” model, which overly relies on market conditions and detail planning to move forward. In reality, the traditional model cannot provide enough speed or efficiency for startup when facing competitions.
Effecutual Investment

Effectual Investment

Similar to the effectual entrepreneurship, when comes to the investor, the effectuation theory also supports the idea of using uncertainties as opportunities. However, for the investor, the key action is to improve synergies through strategic investment cooperation with the startup involving investor’s own resources. While accelerating the growth of the startup and ensuring the returns on investment, it also gives investor a much broader vision on keeping up with high-tech applications and future opportunities. 

The uncertainty is both a risk and an opportunity. ICCC puts the Effectuation theory into practice to help investor and startups reducing risks and increasing returns.


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