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Xinzhuo (Derek) CHEN

General Partner



Business Intelligence 

Nowshin AHMED

PR & Business Development

Southern Asia (Bangladesh)


Business Development

Xinrui (Bruce) DONG

Financial Services

Austin BABB

PR & Business Development

China & Caribbean Region

Interstellar Cultural Communication Co.

ICCC is a full service business development and consulting group that operates in a wide range of industry lines including international trade, cross border equity, financial services, mergers and acquisitions, market analysis, and foreign affairs.

The meticulous quality of our service in our trademark. We achieve the best results for you by using the latest technology and by leveraging our global network of exceptional partnerships.

Our mission is to assist businesses world-wide to connect and grow stronger together.

Our vision is simple; Efficiently align world business to create greater opportunities for all.


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ICCC Inc. is a global marketplace for consultants, project developers, and investors.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by email. Our promise is to return your inquiry within the hour.